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You don’t need a coach because all successful people have one.

You need a coach to help address any derailing mindsets, to act as a sounding board and to help you transition to a high performing individual.


Hi, I’m Dia Mitra

As an Executive Coach and Facilitator, Dia is a trusted advisor to leading industry leaders and entrepreneurs. Her philosophy is that we all have much untapped potential and her work with executives and teams helps uncover natural strengths, deepen self-awareness and activate creative thinking to ensure they THRIVE and EVOLVE at work and in life.

How Can I Help You?

I can provide support where it matters for You. This isn’t about me, it is about YOU. In my experience, clients get stuck in one or all of the following dilemmas.

  • Figuring Out What

    You are aware you want to make a difference, but you don`t know how. You grapple with different ideas but they get buried under the avalanche of day-to-day routine tasks.

    I can help you shed the overwhelm, declutter your thoughts and reduce the fatigue.I help you discover what is it that is going to make a difference to you ….and the world.

  • Making a Quantum Leap

    You have gotten stuck and no matter how hard you try, things are not moving forward. You are nowhere close to the job you want, the corner office you are vying for or even the perfect healthy body. You have made efforts, but they soon lose steam. But every time you try to start, the options feel so overwhelming that you throw your hands up in surrender.

    That’s where I come in.I can help you craft a plan, make you aware of your blocks, create the strategy that’s going to make it happen and serve as your accountability partner.

  • Finding Balance

    You got off to a great start and your life looks great on paper. The reality is quite different. You feel excessively stressed and burnt out. Yet you cant walk away, because you are passionate about your work, because you feel responsible, because you don`t want anyone else to capitalize on the space that you are creating.

    I can help you reconnect with what you are doing and why. I’ll provide you with the support you need to create sustainable momentum you and bring about balance and emotional wellness.

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